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Mia Healey, Internalized Homophobia, Dr. Pauli Murray, Liza Minnelli at 75, Cheyenne Parker, Toxic Masculinity, Brooke Eden, De-Gaying the Village, Unleashed & MORE!

New LGBT Flag Causes Stir in Miami It’s a controversy that’s blown across America, from Boston to Boise to the Bay Area itself — San Francisco, home of Gilbert Baker’s iconic 1978 Rainbow flag: whether to replace his original with a new progressive banner supporters say better represents the diversity of today’s LGBT communities. “I see the Progress flag and I see the evolution of something that is morphing into present times. It is symbolic of more current events in our world,” said Aiyana Angeni Gonz├ílez, chairwoman of the Miami-Dade LGBTQ Advisory Board, which Feb. 3 voted to recommend the updated flag be flown over County Hall in downtown Miami every June throughout Pride Month.

South Carolina Hate Crime Bill May Exclude the LGBTQ Community Lawmakers voted to take out a few classifications in the bill, including sexual orientation and gender Originally, the bill included protections for several different classifications of people, but lawmakers voted Thursday to take a few out. The ones excluded were sexual orientation, gender and age.

LGBTQ Community Reacts to Public Schools’ Decision to Reaffirm a District-wide Diversity Week Instead of a Pride Week (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) There will be repercussions for Red Deer Public School trustees in October’s municipal election after Wednesday’s decision to reaffirm support for a district-wide Diversity Week instead of a Pride Week, say LGBTQ community advocates. Backlash towards the school board started in February when a motion by a trustee to establish Pride Week was defeated 2-4. Instead, a Diversity Week motion passed 4-2.

Conservatives Yelled Anti-Gay Slurs at Children Outside Florida School Anti-LGBTQ locals protested Brevard Public Schools' new guidance for transgender students.

Out Country Star Brooke Eden's New Music Celebrates Her Relationship After Years Of Being Told To Hide

Negative Attitudes Towards Effeminacy Associated with Internalized Homophobia Among Gay and Bisexual Men

Out Actress Mia Healey Calls on Hollywood to Greenlight More LGBTQ+ Inclusive Projects Healey stars in the hit Amazon series "The Wilds". She applauds the show for demonstrating the importance of inclusive storytelling by focusing on eight female leads who vary in culture, class and sexuality. “That’s the beautiful thing about people and about this world. It’s that we’re all so different,” she said, adding, “I think art is life. So if we’re just seeing straight white people [on screen] all the time, it’s unfair… it’s not real, it’s not how it looks when you go outside.” Until “The Wilds,” the only on-screen lesbian stories Healey had seen were in more mature and serious films. But in playing the role of Shelby, she felt it was critical for audiences to see a queer relationship from a teenage perspective.

Gay Couple Has Home Vandalized in Belgium Vandals spray painted “I like young boys” and “pedophile” on the facade of a house where a gay couple lives in Leuven. The messages, written in English on the front door and one of the outside walls of the house, come less than a week after the brutal murder of a gay man in Belgium in a park outside of Antwerp, where he was lured by three teenagers who made a fake profile on the gay dating app Grindr.

Gay Woman Alleges Company Ignored Male Worker’s Sexual Harassment (California) A gay woman who worked as a controller at a Westlake Village environmental consulting company is suing her former employer, alleging she was fired in 2020 in part for complaining about sexual harassment by a male colleague, but was told it was due to a company “restructuring.”

The Significant Legacy of Black and Queer Activist Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray Born in 1910, at a time when women had no vote, blacks were discriminated against, and homosexuality was a crime. Anna Pauline Murray, a deeply religious woman, fought for equality and her sexual identity. Murray was the first African American, man or woman, to receive a doctorate degree from Yale Law School. Her work on gender discrimination was quoted, and she was credited as co-author by Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her landmark 1971 brief in Reed v. Reed.

Amazon Removing Books That Frame LGBTQ Issues As Mental Illness The move came after four Republicans — Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.), Mike Lee (Utah), Mike Braun (Ind.) and Josh Hawley (Mo.) — sent a letter on Feb. 24 to chief executive Jeff Bezos questioning why “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” was no longer available on Amazon platforms, including Kindle and Audible. Amazon denied that the book’s removal was part of a broader campaign against conservative material and voices.

The Debate Over 'De-Gaying' Montreal's Village Merchants Say It Would Broaden Appeal to 2SLGBTQ+ 
Julie Podmore, a professor and chair of geosciences at John Abbott College, says she's skeptical about whether a name change will bring about inclusivity. "There's a real tension between a desire to mainstream, to increase the number of commercial establishments and open it to everyone to make [the neighbourhood] viable, and that's been going on since the 1990s," Podmore said.

The Lesbian Vampire YA Series of Our Dreams Is Headed to Netflix

Queer Reality Hunk Cheyenne Parker Finds Niche in Puerto Vallarta
Cheyenne Parker is best known for participating in two reality shows — Logo's "Fire Island" in 2017 and the second season of MTV's "Ex on the Beach" in 2019, which featured by far the most sexually diverse cast on any reality dating show. But being part of them wasn't something he pursued. "I didn't seek out reality TV, it found me!! Just like Fire Island, the phone rang, and I answered and at first said NO."

'Oh! Susanna,' Other Music With Racist Roots Being Removed From Cedar Rapids Schools Songs such as “Oh! Susanna” by Stephen Foster originally were used in minstrel shows. Although over the years lyrics have been changed, the original racist lyrics are just a Google search away. Many American folk songs are also being flagged as historically racist and will be removed from the district’s curriculum as the schools are working toward anti-racist curriculum in all subjects.

On Liza's 75th birthday, We Look Back at the Legendary Gay Icon and Showbiz Survivor's Greatest Hits On March 12, 1946, a superstar was born. Exactly 75 years and countless awards, performances and meme-able moments later, we bring you 75 reasons we love Liza May Minnelli, the ultimate gay icon and showbiz survivor.

Do You Have Aspirations of Working With and Influencing the LGBTQ Reach in the Top Industries? Then you’ll want to have Unleashed LGBTQ on your calendar
This interactive virtual event tailored to the powerful connects the LGBTQ community of industry professionals and hopefuls. It debuts March 25-27, 2021. Speakers and entertainers confirmed: Matteo Lane (Comedian), Brian Sims (Pennsylvania State Representative), Carmen Carrera (Actress/Model and Entrepreneur) and Michael Sam (Dallas Cowboys, LGBTQ Sports Icon).

European Parliament Approves Resolution Declaring EU An LGBT ‘Freedom Zone’ The declaration came about after two years of rising homophobic animus in Poland and other member countries. The government of Poland clapped back saying they have a right to protect their ‘traditional family values.’

Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton Head Ensemble Of Ron Howard-Directed Cave Rescue Pic ‘Thirteen Lives’ The film tells the true story of the rescue of twelve boys and their soccer coach from a flooded, impenetrable cave system in Thailand in 2018. Thai families, the government, and a community of farmers and neighbors came together alongside volunteers from around the world to get them out.

Gay Men and Toxic Masculinity: Reflections on Femme-Phobia
Retail worker Wesley, who describes himself as "the line between male and female", explains how toxic masculinity and femme-phobia from fellow gay men has affected him personally. "I purposely don’t have my Instagram on my profile because I know it’s an instant judge before I’ve met anyone", he says. "People are, like, 'We’ve had a great time, really hit it off' and then they ask: 'Have you got socials?' And I’m, like, 'No.' They’ll eventually find it and the atmosphere completely changes and it’s sad.

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