Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Taking Up Space

I really dig this music video, man. It's an homage to the animated television series Scooby Doo by alt-hip-pop artist TeawhYB

The out performer uses the Scooby Doo iconography, "as an analogy for the way people are hoodwinked by the current US political establishment, whilst also crafting a sense of fun which reflects the energetic, pop production." 

TeawhYB shares
When you look up in the sky, can you distinguish the stars from the satellites? In an age where facts get played off as “fake news”, we seek our own answers to determine truth. In America, we’ve fallen into two realities, divided by party and built on fear, while the powers at be simply “do their jobs”. Helplessly drifting and hoping for peace, we go through the motions and feel as if we’re just Taking Up Space
I'm really lovin' the vibe of Taking Up Space. It's another one of TeawhYB's signature catchy bops... this music video & message is groovyman!👍

TeawhYB as "Shaggy"
Jem Stone as "Daphne"
Miles Blvd as "Fred"
Naalia as "Velma"
Justin Anderson as "Masked Dognapper"
Berkeley as "dog"

Directed by: Tyler Baumgart
Shot and edited by: Walter Mueller
Special Thank You: Jason "Jay" Janc

Be sure to visit TeawhYB's official website here.



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