Saturday, February 23, 2008

Actress Valerie Bertinelli Dishes On Lesbian Kiss, Cheating Hearts and Dating Spielberg!

Valerie Bertinelli (L) Oprah Winfrey (R)
Actress Valerie Bertinelli who is best known for playing the character of Barbara on the 1970's hit show One Day At A Time, has a lot to say in the new Oprah Winfrey Show interview scheduled to air this Monday.

Bertinelli, who is promoting her new autobiography Losing It... And Gaining My Life Back One Pound At A Time, speaks out about cheating on her - now former husband - rock singer Eddie Van Halen and a lusty lesbian moment, when she kissed another woman.

Plus Bertinelli reveals that Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg  asked her out after she auditioned for his blockbuster movie Raiders of The Lost Ark. Bertinelli says, "I was so wrong for (the role) and the next day I got a call and some flowers… (Spielberg) asked me out. We went out a few times." The actress and Jenny Craig spokeswoman even suggests the romance was more than dinner and flowers, telling Winfrey, "(We) did more."

But the romance didn’t last - Bertinelli fell for Van Halen and Spielberg wed actress Arm Irving. Spielberg has since divorced Irving and is now married to actress Kate Capshaw.