Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pine: Who Is Winning the Chris Wars?

What are the Chris Wars? It’s the war that has been waged for the past several millennia — sorry, hang on, I’m getting new information — for the past five years, between: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pine. The rules of Chris Wars are simple: Seven categories, weighted equally, with points awarded based on placement within each category. Each category measures something different, while also serving to measure the exact same thing — the most essential and fundamental quality that a Chris can have in the world: Chris-ness. Three Chrises — Evans, Pine, and Hemsworth — enter. One Chris leaves. This is their story. READ MORE

Meet Victor Yates, winner of Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Debut Fiction

A big congratulations to writer Victor Yates on winning the Lambda Literary Award - LGBT Debut for his novel, "A Love Like Blood".

"What a year it has been. And, none of it would have happened, if I continued to listened to the voice of doubt. Self-doubt and pessimism plague me on a consistent basis," writes Victor Yates. "However, after I published my novel, a number of miracles happened. I was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Debut Fiction." READ MORE

You can purchase "A Love Like Blood" HERE

28th Annual Lambda Literary Award Winners: FULL LIST

Catholic Church in Scotland Says It'll Help in Fight to Curb Homophobia in Classrooms

St. Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow, seat of the Archbishop of Glasgow (pictured at right)
The Catholic Church in Scotland has indicated that they will help in the fight to curb homophobia in the classroom. Time for Inclusive Education (TIE), a campaign for LGBT-inclusive education in Scottish schools, has said that the Catholic Church in Scotland is willing to help them in their mission. TIE have been working to introduce teacher training in schools across Scotland to tackle homophobia in the classroom. READ MORE

Aesthetic of Voyeurism: An Interview with Erotic Short Film Director, Antonio Da Silva

Antonio Da Silva makes short erotic films combining elements of pornography, narrative and the art film – they could as easily be shown in an art gallery as in the cinema. His work has been shown in film festivals around the world and he has a website dedicated to their dissemination, where people can pay to view them, and contact him with feedback and ideas for future projects. Recently, Fringe! Film Festival presented an evening of his work, as had Queer Lisboa, in his native Portugal, a few months before. His work has attained a certain status that being on the festival circuit affords and the aesthetic of voyeurism, well established in porn, seems to be in all of the films – the eroticism of watching and looking and peeping. Watching the films as a corpus, I began to ask myself certain questions: what the stories are that Antonio da Silva wants to tell, do they have anything to offer beyond the porn element, and do they even need that, what statements might he be trying to make? I got the chance to ask him these questions and more. Read the interview with Antonio Da Silva HERE.

Hottie Swimmer Ryan Lochte Featured in Us Weekly's 2016 Olympic Collector’s Edition

In anticipation for the Games, Us Weekly is celebrating the greatest athletes Team USA is sending to Brazil in our collector’s edition American Heroes 2016. The special issue features returning Olympic favorites such as swimmer Ryan Lochte, diver David Boudia, beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings, wrestler Jordan Burroughs and gymnast Gabby Douglas — all of whom took home gold in London in 2012, and are major contenders for gold in their respective sports at the Rio Olympics. READ MORE

Ryan Lochte
Photo Credit: Valrie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

How Did You Feel The Very First Time You Heard the Word 'Gay'?

First impressions make a difference — and sometimes the memory just won't go away. For many people in the queer community, their first impression of the word "gay" was purely negative. They heard it not from a loving parent or supportive friend, but as a slur from some second-rate bully on the playground, desperately honing their stand-up routine. Not everyone's experiences are uniform. READ MORE

San Diego's Very First LGBT Low-income Development for Gay Senior Citizens

Robert Bettinger gestures toward a frame holding old photos of himself.
Robert Bettinger has more stories than can fit in a single news article. He's 87 and gay. He served in the Army in Japan after World War II. He’s an ordained Episcopal priest, and lobbied for that church’s move toward greater acceptance of gays and lesbians. He married a woman and raised children before coming out in 1975 and moving to San Francisco. There, he said, he met Harvey Milk and served on then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein’s gay advisory committee. Bettinger also had two partners die of AIDS. These kinds of experiences are shared by many in Bettinger’s generation. That’s one reason why he’s so supportive of North Park Seniors, the forthcoming affordable housing development designed for LGBT seniors. He said they need to be among their peers. READ MORE

A new low-income housing development will break ground in North Park next week. But this one is different. It's designed for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seniors. It's the first project of its kind in San Diego. KPBS metro reporter Andrew Bowen says it's meant to serve a community that's in serious need. Watch Video

WATCH: Michelle Obama’s Full Speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (Video & Transcript)

Watch Video

Last night, Michelle Obama delivered an emotional speech to the Democratic National Convention, looking back on her husband's time in office and calling upon members to trust the "steady and measured" Hillary Clinton as she bids to become US president.

Read the transcript of Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Examining the Wage Gap Between Gay and Straight People

Most often when we talk about the wage gap, we’re discussing the difference in pay between men and women who are doing essentially the same job and who have virtually the same skill set. However, the wage gap increases when race, sexuality and other factors are brought into the mix. READ MORE

US Olympians Nathan Adrian & Matt Grevers Go Shirtless for 'Vogue' Shoot

Olympic swimmers Nathan Adrian and Matt Grevers go shirtless and show off their muscled physiques in the August issue of Vogue. READ MORE

PrEP Effective in Keeping Partners HIV-free

A daily dose of anti-HIV medication almost eradicates the risk of infection for people in a relationship with an HIV-positive partner, a study presented this week in Africa showed, raising hopes of reducing HIV rates among one of Africa’s highest risk groups, Reuters reports. “HIV was virtually eliminated in this population,” the lead researcher, Jared Baeten of the University of Washington, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone. “More than 95 percent of the HIV infections that we expected to see, we did not see.”

Life as a Sexpert on Grindr

The Sexpert is not a super cheesy profile name, but an actual trained sexual health expert [in Australia], who is online to answer any questions Grindr users may have about sex. The initiative is spearheaded by New South Wale’s sexual health organisation ACON who for many years have run peer based programs where trained volunteers head out to bars, events and sex on premises venues to answer sexual health questions. “ACON has a pre existing program called Sexperts, where we go out to sex on premises venues and talk to guys about sexual health,” said Thomas Munro, ACON coordinator peer programs and campaigns. “They wear a t-shirt called ‘ask me anything thing’ and answer any questions. “The Grindr outreach is an extension of that, it’s the same volunteers just in the digital space.” READ MORE

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