Monday, November 28, 2016

David McIntosh Covers OhLaLa

David McIntosh, the former Royal Marines Commando and Gladiator on Sky1 TV series Gladiators is featured on the latest cover of OhLaLaMag's big X issue. McIntosh was photographed in Los Angeles by celebrity photographer James White. READ MORE

Billy Kiraly: Perfectly Fit

Billy Kiraly is a fitness model with a classic masculine look don't you think?

WATCH: "Stray" New Music Video from GAREK

Singer GAREK has a new album called, Take The King and I really enjoy the track, Stray. The lyrics (see below) really spoke to me as I'm sure it will to many other gay males no matter what age.

Stray uses pop beats we all like to dance to and fuses lyrics which are at times both angry and defiant. The tune, much like the artist himself, is about empowerment through music. Two thumbs up!

You can purchase Take The King on itunes here.
You can follow GAREK on Twitter


Hey, kid
Not that you’re broken, but you need to be fixed
Hey, kid, they make you feel like you’re sorry to exist
And they make, make you hate what you can’t change
What you’re trying to erase, so instead eradicate it all
The beautiful
And every time you hang your head, you’re too ashamed
I want you to know, you’ll never do it alone
You’ll never do it alone
And every time they make you feel you’re less than human
Backwards or wrong No, you are never alone
Know you are never alone

Hey, kid
How much you’d give so you might go unseen
Hey, kid, keep it inside keep the tears from off your cheeks
An attack, feel their eyes burn in your back
You’re the only friend you’ll have, so be good to you and through it all
Stay beautiful 


Beaten down and bandaged, broken-hearted, stranded looking for home
You won’t go through it alone
Know, you are never alone
Dandy, nancy, limp of wrist Princess, fairy, little bitch Sissy, missy, tranny, drag Girly, pansy, homo, fag

Know, you’re not alone


As Hate Crimes Are Surging, Everyday People Are Responding

Written by Tara Culp-Ressler

Across the Country, Americans Are Standing Up Against Hate

Since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency, there’s been a dramatic uptick in hate and harassment. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a group that tracks hate crimes, has recorded hundreds of instances of “hateful harassment and intimidation” since Election Day, leaving many people who live in this country fearful for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. At the same time, however, Americans across the country are taking a stand against the vitriol being directed at their friends, neighbors, and classmates. Here are a few recent examples.

Learn "Exercise Anatomy" With Pietro Boselli

Pietro Boselli, the world's sexiest math teacher turned male model, has released a trailer for his upcoming fitness project called, Exercise Anatomy. Boselli says he's producing short videos which will demonstrate "a variety of exercises, highlighting the muscles involved, the correct technique and also some quick tips on how to get the maximum out of them." Well, if anyone knows about being in top shape it's him! Watch the video below!

You can follow Pietro Boselli on Twitter


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