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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dear Readers...

Dear Readers,

I'm battling a severe Pneumonia and will be taking some time off to recuperate.

I hope to have fresh posts starting next week.

Thank-you for your support and loyal readership.


ICYMI: Popular Post Round-Up

Hi, Guys!

While I recuperate from Pneumonia I thought I'd put together a round-up of popular posts for you to enjoy. I'll be back next week with fresh posts.



Matt Lister
WATCH VIDEO: Gay Athlete Matt Lister As He Preps for Sexy "Attitude" Cover

Dating Tips; More To Gay Sex Than Anal; When Did You Last Have Sober Sex?

Great Travel Packing Tips
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure it can be a little difficult, especially when trying to pack lightly. You might need to bring a nice shirt perhaps even a tie and dress shoes. So how do you fit all your clothing items into your luggage easily? Luckily, Travel + Leisure put together these handy video tutorials. Follow these simple tips and never stress about packing for a trip again! WATCH VIDEO

Kingdom's Frank Grillo Shares His Boxing and Workout Tips
I've had a crush on actor Frank Grillo since he played Hart Jessup on the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light back in the mid-90's. Grillo's newest series is DirecTV's sports drama, "Kingdom" and as you can see in the pics and video he's in great shape! WATCH VIDEO

How Highways Ruined Our Cities
Without question the Interstate Highway System was one of the most revolutionary and comprehensive infrastructure projects in the United States. Vox points out: "It also destroyed urban neighborhoods across the nation." It's hard to imagine our world without the car and as the video illustrates cities can survive without car-choked roadways and endless strips of concrete overpasses. WATCH HERE

Tops & Bottoms: Gym Bunny & Bear
The improvised comedy competition show, "Tops & Bottoms" was created by David C. Jones, who also serves as host. The setup of the show is simple: "Each improviser portrays a different gay stereotype: the bear, the bi-hippy chick, the club kid etc. and they battle to outwit each other and gain a spot in his Top team." In this clip it's role reversal time with the "Gym Bunny" and the "Gay Bear". WATCH HERE Enjoy!

Five Minutes With: Jake Shears
BBC host, Matthew Stadlen grills celebrities and news-makers in precisely five minutes! On the 'hot seat' is the sexy Jake Shears, lead singer of Scissor Sisters. In the interview Jake, a former go-go dancer, shares why he's an exhibitionist and works so hard at staying fit. WATCH HERE

Healthy Hearts, Dogs and You
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated for many years now that dog owners have not only lower cholesterol but also lower blood pressure than non-dog owners. There are other benefits to having a pet. READ MORE

Anderson Cooper Does X-Treme Firefighters Workout Routine
Openly gay journalist, Anderson Cooper recently appeared on the morning talk show, Live with Kelly. Anderson, who looks very fit in his black tee shirt, joined Kelly Ripa as they were guided through some X-Treme Firefighters Workout routines by fitness trainer, Paul Lauer. Fun! READ MORE

'Lost' Vintage Gay Erotica
British artists John Parkhurst and Basil Clavering operated a photo studio specializing in military themes and bodybuilder images. Many of the models were active military personnel. Parkhurst and Clavering used authentic uniforms and props, representing Guardsmen, the Royal Horse Artillery, Navy and Army. The images depict gay male erotica and perhaps the photographers found inspiration in the drawings of iconic gay artist Tom of Finland. READ MORE

Meet Roddy Biggs
I am always encouraged whenever I see younger people in our community making a difference. One such young man is Roddy Biggs! He has volunteered for LGBT organizations such as the Tennessee Equality Project and is President of a local community college GSA (Gay Straight Alliance). Roddy also works with Gay News Radio. READ MORE

How We Got Gay: Documentary
HOW WE GOT GAY tells the incredible story of how gay men and women went from being the ultimate outsiders to occupying the halls of power, with a profound influence on our cultural, political and social lives. WATCH VIDEO

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Quote of the Day

"Most Americans conceptualize a hypothetical end of American democracy in Apocalyptic terms. But actually, you usually learn that you are no longer living in a democracy not because The Government Is Taking Away Your Rights, or passing laws that you oppose, or because there is a coup or a quisling. You know that you are no longer living in a democracy because the elections in which you are participating no longer can yield political change."

Tom Pepinsky Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University

Read his insightful essay: Everyday Authoritarianism is Boring and Tolerable.

Brock McGillis Talks Closeted Hockey Players & Barriers for LGBT People in Pro Sports

Watch Video

Since he came out as a gay man in a powerful essay last November, former hockey player Brock McGillis has been working hard to break down the many barriers to identifying as LGBT in pro sports. In a new interview with CBC the out athlete shares his story. Watch video below.

Watch Video: Brock McGillis Talks Closeted Hockey Players & Barriers for LGBT People in Pro Sports

Sam Asghari: Living His Dream

A few weeks ago I posted about sexy fitness model and actor Sam Asghari and his 'Three Tips on How To Live Your Dream'. Sam was told that modelling and acting were a "waste of time" but Sam has no regrets about pursuing his career dreams and shares "it’s been the best move I’ve made. Just follow your heart!"

Below are black and white photos which highlight Sam's muscular physique.

'Thank God I'm here': Gay Syrian Finds Refuge in Canada

Written by Austin Grabish

First, his friend was beheaded. Then a transgender woman was raped, burned and mutilated. Adam knew he had to leave Turkey, the country that took him in after he had fled Syria. "I think I will be next," he said when he phoned the United Nations in Istanbul, begging for help. Adam, a gay Syrian man, recently arrived in Winnipeg, Canada. Because he fears for his safety and reprisal for speaking out, CBC News is not using his real name. The 26-year-old recalls celebrating when he arrived in Canada. "It was like my dream happened," he said.

Adam left Aleppo in 2011 before starting what became a five-year journey in search of freedom that included relocating to Russia and Turkey. "I'm gay, but this is not acceptable there," Adam said, speaking about Syria and Turkey. He and more than 500 other queer Syrians used a secret Facebook group and underground locations to communicate in Turkey after fleeing to the country from the war in Syria. "From the beginning it was so amazing because we shared our problems, we shared everything." Turkey has taken in many refugees from Syria, but LGBT people are far from free, Adam said.

Violence against members of the LGBT community is common in Turkey, and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern about attacks on queer people in the country. READ MORE

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