Friday, February 26, 2021

The Dirt Between My Fingers | Short Film

Shot in Southern Ontario (Canada) by writer-director Joshua Chislett this reflective short film about the meeting of two young men under strange circumstances slowly pulls you in.

Chislett shares the making of the movie was "a personal and experimental piece made with practically zero budget and almost no crew over a few days." He adds, "I wanted to make this feel like watching a fleeting memory from a young gay man's past as he recalls his first love. My hope was to make a film with almost no dialogue to see if we can share a quiet experience with these two as if we are watching from a distance, observing this small piece of the world they live in." The movie stars Jack Parsons and Shawn Vincent. Check it out below!

WATCH: The Dirt Between My Fingers 


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After Forever, Kevin Spirtas, Queer and in Color, Gay Shame, Dan Reynolds, Quantum Leap, Billie Holiday & MORE!

Somriddho Dasgupta

How Queer People Wear Color To Celebrate, Communicate & Thrive LGBTQ people throughout history have fought battles for equality, shown solidarity with other oppressed groups and struggled for the right to live proudly. To survive oppressively heteronormative societies, especially before homosexuality was legalized in the West, we’ve used fashion symbols to interact safely and show pride without endangering ourselves.

Anti-LGBTQ Coalition Targets Equality Act In The Name of America's Children. The Promise to America’s Children coalition includes right-wing groups, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Alliance.

Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds Donates Childhood Home to "Encircle" To Help LGBTQ Youth.
Reynolds is teaming up with the owner of the NBA's Utah Jazz and Apple's CEO Tim Cook in donating millions to the nonprofit Encircle. Reynolds' home will serve as Nevada's first-ever Encircle Resource Center. The organization helps more than 70,000 kids and their families each year.

An American Review of Brit TV Series: "It's A Sin" 
Having received largely rapturous reviews, It's a Sin, a commercial, serialized, gay-told take on how AIDS ravaged the queer community in London in the '80s, is now experiencing a bit of a backlash, mostly from HIV activists, whose experience with the subject matter makes it impossible for me to refute their experience with the series.

Lee Daniels

Out Director Lee Daniels on His Billie Holiday Biopic, Oprah Winfrey and the 'Wonder Years' Reboot  Arriving in Hollywood from Missouri with no more than a few dollars in his pocket and homeless in the 1980s, Daniels worked his way up from being a nurse during the AIDS/HIV epidemic to casting director and manager, briefly working with Wes Bentley when he was cast in American Beauty.

Gay Shame: How To Recognize It And To Shake It Off. What is shame? Every time you question your worth, value, or doubt your lovability, shame is working its toxic charm. Your inner world at times might also feel like a place of fear, self-doubt and self-loathing, consequently leading to self-sabotaging behaviours both personally and professionally.

San Francisco's LGBTQ Nightclub Oasis Is Holding A Telethon To Avoid Closure! The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on so many businesses across the Bay Area bars and restaurants especially. Many are still struggling to make it.

Leslie Jordan's
new album with Brandi Carlile, TJ Osborne, Tanya Tucker arrives in April.

Congressional Democrats Confused, Shocked After Facebook Flags Their Hate Speech Post As Hate Speech!


Scott Bakula

The Quantum Leap Comic Book That Put Right
What The TV Show Did Wrong Regarding Its Depictions Of LGBTQ Characters. NBC's cult TV series Quantum Leap starred the hunky Scott Bakula and Hollywood veteran character actor Dean Stockwell. The show featured a curious mix of drama, science fiction, social commentary, romance and a lot of humor. It ran for five seasons (1989 - 1993).

Kevin Spirtas


"After Forever" is the recipient of 6 Daytime Emmy Awards – the most Emmy-awarded LGBTQ-themed drama series on any platform. The Randy Report podcast speaks with Kevin Spirtas – one of the co-creators, writers and stars of the acclaimed LGBTQ TV series.

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The Psychology of Our Political Crisis

Matthew Cooke

Is our world a crazy train heading to nowhere fast? No. But it can sure feel that way, can't it? I think the key word "feel" is what trips us up. Feelings are not facts and they sure as hell are not truths. 

If we all work on our critical thinking skills I think we can get out of this mess. Knowing our values and fighting for them at the ballot box is one of the best ways to make ourselves heard. In Matthew Cooke's latest video essay he really hits the hammer on the nail by explaining how to "move the needle in the right direction."

We are in a culture war, but we often fail to understand it. If we fearlessly dig into what it is - and don't underestimate ourselves, we will win. We have reality on our side. That's a pretty strong advantage. And when we win, everyone wins."
Matthew Cooke is the Oscar-nominated producer and editor of the documentary, Deliver Us From Evil.

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Ensuring Elections Are Fair

What does it mean to be an activist? To me it's standing up for your community and being informed on issues that affect you. I encourage my less politically active friends to speak up whenever they can and come join me at a protest rally. Another good way to help your community is by donating money to causes that align with yours. Last, but not least, vote in every single election. One organization that does good work in helping citizens to get out and vote is the Fair Elections Center. 

What is the Fair Elections Center?
  • Fair Elections Center advocates, delivers nonpartisan creative solutions to the complex web of barriers that have been erected over time to prevent segments of our citizens from reaching their full American potential.
  • Fair Elections Center works alongside other national and state groups to make the processes of voter registration, voting, and election administration as accessible as possible for every American, with a special focus on student and underrepresented voters.
  • Fair Elections Center engages in a wide variety of advocacy efforts, including producing reports, talking points and fact sheets, providing state voter guides, providing testimony to legislatures, conducting trainings and seminars for organizations and their supporters, litigating voting rights cases in state and federal court, and working directly with local election officials and Secretaries of State to ensure that the right to vote is protected and expanded.
  • Fair Elections Center provides election law expertise to state-based civic engagement coalitions and direct help to organizations representing various constituencies that need help accessing the ballot as they plan their programs, encounter problems or need help engaging elections officials.
Learn more here.

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