Friday, July 18, 2008

Broadcasters Go Gay for Beckham!

TV host Brian Kilmeade has a three part interview with soccer stud, David Beckham and was on Fox & Friends to promote it. According to Outsports' Matt Hennie, Kilmeade has a bit of crush on Beckham (who doesn't?):

Matt Hennie writes:
What is it with newscasters and soccer stud David Beckham? The latest round came Thursday when Fox morning show host Brian Kilmeade [pictured] got a little tongued-tied when Gretchen Carlson called him on his burgeoning man crush over Beckham. He was on Fox & Friends to promote his three-part interview with Beckham. “It is impossible not to notice that he is a good looking man,” Kilmeade allows. Kilmeade was caught off guard when Carlson outed him for calling Beckham “gorgeous” off air...