Friday, July 04, 2008

Fox News is Silent (Surprise!) on Doctored Photos

Yesteday, I posted about how Fox News airs digitally altered photos of two New York Times reportersToday - Media Matters reports: 
Editor & Publisher reported that "The Fox News channel has gained wide attention today in the blogosphere for airing photos of two New York Times staffers that appear to have been doctored to portray the Timesmen in an unflattering light." The E&P piece further reported that "[n]either Steinberg nor Reddicliffe were reachable for comment Wednesday. But Times Culture Editor Sam Sifton called the Fox photo work 'disgusting,' and the criticism of the paper's reporting 'a specious and meritless claim.' ... Asked if the paper planned to respond to Fox's actions, he said no: 'It is fighting with a pig, everyone gets dirty and the pig likes it.' "

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