Monday, July 21, 2008

Gay icon poll results are surprising!

UK online gay dating service,, recently polled it's members to find out which male celebrity over the age of 50 was the most popular gay icon. Here are the poll rankings:

Pierce Brosnan: 33%
Bruce Willis: 25%
Richard Gere: 14%

Harrison Ford came fourth; Mel Gibson - of all people - came fifth.

Pierce Brosnan, made a surprising appearance at the top of the list. At 55, Brosnan is still attractive, but I had no idea he was a gay icon of any sort, at least not amongst my circle of gay friends and colleagues. And Bruce Willis? Maybe its just the shaved-head look but Bruce hasn't given me any wet dreams lately (or ever). Richard Gere is well-known for his AIDS activism and for being pro-gay, so is being relegated to third place just a reflection of the fact that he's in a career lull, unlike Brosnan who is currently starring in the hit movie musical Mamma Mia? I confess to being a Harrison Ford fan from way back and for a guy well-past 60, he's pretty damn hunky. He's also been in one of the summer's most high profile movies, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. Mel Gibson's well-documented history of homophobia makes his inclusion on this list the equivalent of a slap in the face. There is no excuse for that faux pas.

When I think of sexy men over fifty that get my blood pumping, I think of one of my favourite hunk actors 52-year old John Wesley Shipp (As The World Turns, Dawson's Creek). Hell, even 74-year-old Shogun star and out actor Richard Chamberlain is still a handsome man.

Polls like these shouldn't be taken too seriously, but still the results are disappointing. The rankings reflect current pop-culture status; it definitely helped to be in an international hit movie at or near the time of the poll. The results are also a sad reflection of how little we know our own kind - especially when past a 'certain age'. Not one of the men selected is an out gay celebrity. Pity.