Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lesbian couple who shared eggs and sperm BOTH give birth to twins!

Nine years ago this couple met in California while working as nurses. They fell in love and started a family together. Congrats to Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett on the birth of their children. They are going to be very, very busy moms!

UK Daily Mail reports:
Sitting on their mothers' knees, they could be any ordinary babies. But these two sets of twins, born to Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett, are actually quadruplets. The babies are related because they were created from Miss Padgett's eggs and donor sperm using IVF treatment. Two embryos were then implanted in each woman. Now the pair, of Riverside, California, are happily cradling twins - one boy and one girl each - who are all quadruplet brothers and sisters. Martha, 38, gave birth first to babies Sophia and Alex, and Karen gave birth 22 hours later to their siblings Andrew and Sienna. 'We just wanted one baby,' said Martha, 38, a nurse, who already has a ten-year-old daughter with ex-husband David. 'We wanted to have a really strong family bond which was why we originally wanted Karen to carry the baby but using my eggs. 'But that didn't work out because Karen was that bit older.' READ MORE