Thursday, July 24, 2008

Elaine Donnelly is a whack job!

Elaine Donnelly is from The Center for Military Readiness. Yesterday she testified at the hearing on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in Washington. The hope is that DADT will be repealed and that LGBT Americans will be able to serve their country openly in the military. I can't believe that this person has the platform of the U.S. government to spew such hateful, bigoted nonsense. Pam Spaulding in her post said it best: "...Thanks, Elaine. You are saving us all some lobbying time..."

Pam's House Blend reports:
... Donnelly treated the panel to an extraordinary exhibition of rage. She warned of "transgenders in the military." She warned that lesbians would take pictures of people in the shower. She spoke ominously of gays spreading "HIV positivity" through the ranks. "We're talking about real consequences for real people," Donnelly proclaimed. Her written statement added warnings about "inappropriate passive/aggressive actions common in the homosexual community," the prospects of "forcible sodomy" and "exotic forms of sexual expression," and the case of "a group of black lesbians who decided to gang-assault" a fellow soldier.

At the witness table with Donnelly, retired Navy Capt. Joan Darrah, a lesbian, rolled her eyes in disbelief. Retired Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, a gay man who was wounded in Iraq, looked as if he would explode... READ MORE