Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meryl Streep: The Essentials

I think it's safe to say that Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep is a living film legend. She's received more Academy award nominations than any other actor or actress: 14 - and - she's been nominated 21 times for a Golden Globe! My first "magic Meryl" movie moment was seeing her in The French Lieutenant's Woman and I was hooked! Before my accident my partner CJ and I would celebrate whenever Meryl had a movie released. Dinner, dessert and then the movie. Back home to critique it. Meryl was ALWAYS wonderful, even if sometimes the movie was so-so. What I love and appreciate about her as an actress are the film choices and how she brings pathos and vulnerability to the characters. This is especially true of the early part of her career: Still of the Night, Silkwood, Plenty, A Cry in the Dark and of course her unforgettable performance in Sophie's Choice. Although, it's difficult for me to go out to see movies these days thankfully there's DVD!

Entertainment Weekly takes a look back at her career in a wonderful gallery: Meryl Streep: 12 essential roles.

Sophie's Choice (1982)

Streep's rep as Consummate Thespian (and ace at all accents) may have begun withThe French Lieutenant's Woman. But her reputation for precision of character — and, indeed, her induction into the record books as Great American Actress of her Generation — was sealed by her tour de force embodiment of sexy, tormented Polish-Catholic concentration camp survivor Sophie Zawistowski. (Fourth Oscar nom, second Oscar, this time as Best Actress.) 
Image Credit: Sophie's Choice: Kobal Collection