Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now you see it: Jude Law's once lush hair makes a reappearance

Laura Roberts writes:
Sometimes a chap needs a little help in the hair department. And sometimes, as Jude Law found out, rather a lot. In an advertising campaign for Dunhill and Dior, the actor's receding hairline has been airbrushed into a luxuriant crop. The widow's peak so starkly evident in more recent photos has been filled in. The style makes 35-year-old Law look a little more as he did when he first became famous in movies such as The Talented Mr Ripley. While women in the public eye often have imperfections airbrushed out, Law has had perfection brushed in - either through artful hairstyling or plain artistry. Airbrush expert Chris Bickmore said: 'I wouldn't say it was hairstyling as they can't style hair that isn't there. READ MORE