Thursday, July 03, 2008

Advertising Standards Authority will NOT investigate Heinz gay kiss advert complaints

Tony Grew writes:
(UK) The body tasked with policing the rules laid down in the advertising codes has said it will not be investigating an advert that featured a gay kiss. The Advertising Standards Authority received 215 complaints about the Heinz Deli Mayo ad, featuring two men kissing. Heinz decided to pull the TV advert on Friday June 20th after receiving complaints.

An ASA spokesman told

"The complaints were put to the ASA Council to take a decision about whether the complaints should be formally investigated. Council decided that the advertisement should not be formally investigated. Council considered that whilst some viewers may have personal objections to any portrayal of same-sex kissing, there was nothing in the content of the advertisement that would constitute a breach of the TV Advertising Code." READ MORE

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