Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is "Twilight" having trouble behind the scenes?

I love horror and suspense movies and the vampire genre in particular. I've been looking forward to the new movie adaption of Stephenie Meyer's besteller,Twilight. With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pushed ahead to 2009, Twilight is set to be released in it's place instead on November 21, 2008. Now comes news that cast and director have been asked to do re-shoots; is Twilight having trouble behind the scenes? Film School Rejects's Rob Hunter has more:

Perception is everything in Hollywood, up to and including being more important than reality. When a film finishes principal photography, as Summit Entertainment’s Twilight did a few months ago, it’s generally assumed to have moved smoothly into post production. When a film calls back members of the cast for multiple reshoots and/or additional scenes, as Summit Entertainment’s Twilight is doing this week, it’s generally assumed that someone in a suit watched some footage and started to sweat over the final product… especially when the film’s release date is less than three months away... READ MORE