Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jackson Browne Sues McCain Campaign

Jackson Browne (L) and John McCain (R)
Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne has filed a lawsuit against Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain. Why? Because McCain's campaign is using Browne's classic rock hit Running on Empty without permission. There is no way that the left-leaning Browne would ever endorse McCain. It's quite funny how Republicans seem to keep using tunes written by liberal leaning rock stars for their campaigns. Why don't the Republicans use songs made famous by conservative Nashville country musicians like Toby Keith?

The Huffington Post has more of the details:
The song, "Running on Empty," has been used by McCain in his presidential bid -- apparently against Browne's approval. The music icon also claims the Senator is falsely suggesting has endorsed his candidacy. If the whole episode strikes a nostalgic tone, it's because famous musical artists and Republican presidential candidates have butted heads in the past. Bruce Springsteen publicly complained when Ronald Reagan used "Born in the U.S.A" during his campaign in 1984... READ MORE