Sunday, August 17, 2008

NEW Interview: Victor Garber ("Eli Stone")

I am huge fan of the handsome and talented Victor Garber. For many gay Canadian men, Garber was one of our first Canuck Hunks who made us swoon! I very much enjoyed watching Garber on TV playing opposite the adorkable and sexy Jonny Lee Miller in ELI STONE. Greg Hernandez recently chatted with the star. Below is an excerpt.

Greg Hernandez writes:
Victor Garber is the rare performer who is so talented and versatile that he moves effortlessly between roles on television, in movies and on stage. He's played both Jesus (GODSPELL) and the Devil (DAMN YANKEES), been nominated for Tony Awards for both musicals and plays, played Jennifer Garner's dad for five seasons on ALIAS and Thomas Andrews in the 1997 film TITANIC. Victor, still youthful-looking at 59, is now a part of one of the most unique shows on television: ABC's ELI STONE. He plays an attorney Jordan Wethersby on the quirky comedy-drama that returns for a second season in October. "I wasn't intending to go back to television but I really loved the script," Victor told me recently. "I read it and I thought, 'This is so great.' That's what inspires me to do anything - what's on the page. So I was very happy to get involved and it's turned out to be one of the best experiences I've had." READ MORE