Friday, August 08, 2008


  • Catholic Bishops endorse Prop. 8
  • Brad Pitt's birthday gift to to son, Maddox: go-karting
  • Canada mulls mandatory reporting of HIV+ immigrants
  • Hillary Clinton seeks to soothe delegates at convention
  • James Bond is facing divorce
  • Betty White shoots down reports of Estelle Getty funeral snub
  • Morgan Freeman feeling 'real good' after hospital release
  • Man detained for alleged death threat against Obama
  • Detroit mayor thrown in jail after bond violation
  • Obama leads McCain nationally in new poll
  • HRC to host Salt Lake City Camp Equality, train activists for Election 2008
  • I want to die at home, Paul Newman tells his family as he's given 'weeks to live'

  • Gay dad could face abduction charge reports:
    (New York City) A gay man involved in a bitter battle with his estranged husband has fled the country with their 23-month old son. Eric Hyett and his son Jedidiah have surfaced in Israel. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Hyett blames the ugly property and custody battle on Joshua Glazer, who Hyett claims has for a year ignored offers to settle. Glazer tells The News that Hyett is the problem, calling him “manipulative.”

    The two men were married in Massachusetts four years ago and lived in New York City. They separated last year. Glazer said the marriage failed after Jedidiah was adopted because “Eric became extremely jealous of the time I was spending with our baby.”

    After the couple separated, a court awarded Glazer primary custody and Hyett visitation rights. Under the court terms, Hyett was allowed to see the boy every weekend. Last week, Hyett asked to keep the boy two extra days so that he could take Jedidiah to Boston to visit his grandparents and Glazer agreed. It was the last time Glazer saw the boy. READ MORE