Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pedaling for gay marriage equality

This is one cool dude in my book. A man from Rhode Island named Rick Harris is literally pedaling for marriage equality. He plans on bicycling through 5 states to promote marriage equality. Harris has done the "marriage equality ride" two other times!

Harris says “...the reception I receive is very positive, with people falling in three different categories. For folks who are not convinced that same gender marriage is a civil right, they generally fall silent until some other part of the bicycle trip is discussed. For many other folks, the conversation is one where they state they will think much harder about the issue. The third category, of which there have been quite a few, is of full support. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of families who engaged positively in these conversations at campgrounds I stayed along the way.”

What I love the most is his Traveling Proclamation for Civil Marriage which reads “I, the undersigned, believe that same sex couples should have the right to marry in all states and should be afforded, without hindrance, the same rights and privileges that heterosexual married couples now enjoy.”

Go, Rick! Go!

365gay.com has more about Rick Harris here.

(Image above is for illustrative purposes. I couldn't find a picture of Rick Harris)

Thanks, Alan!