Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finding black gay love in Atlanta

Ryan Lee writes:
Many black gay men and lesbians are attracted to Atlanta because of the unprecedented opportunities the city offers. The fusion of black and gay cultures, and the way both are widely dispersed throughout the city, seems to promise a better quality of life than can be found in small towns like Tuskegee, Alabama, or even major cities like Boston or San Francisco.

Atlanta allows many black gay men and lesbians the opportunity to be out at work and in their neighborhood, while offering abundant social outlets. But there can be a downside to so much opportunity, as Jarvis Dupree discovered when he and his boyfriend moved to the widely revered ATL a few years ago. “I moved here with my partner from South Carolina, and Atlanta kind of consumed our relationship because of all of the other opportunities,” Dupree said. “Everyone wants to party — they come here thinking it’s a big party.”

Atlanta’s booming black gay population may increase the likelihood of people finding romantic partners, but it also might make settling into a committed relationship more difficult given the added distractions. READ MORE