Thursday, November 13, 2008

No on Prop 8 campaign made a TV ad featuring a lesbian talking about marriage but it never aired!

"There was not enough money to do both... The ad choices were dictated by reality"

The Bay Area Reporter:
The No on Prop 8 campaign made a television ad that featured a lesbian talking about marriage but the commercial never aired, the Bay Area Reporter has learned. Kate Kendell and Geoff Kors, members of the No on 8 executive committee, confirmed during an interview Monday, November 10 that such an ad was made and that it was not shown on television because the campaign had to counter the Yes on 8 ads that said children would be taught about same-sex marriage in schools. "We had to respond," Kendell said. "I think it was the right decision."

A No on 8 ad featuring state schools chief Jack O'Connell was hastily put up to fight off the steep drop in internal polls that Kendell said was seen after the Yes on 8 ad with a daughter coming home from school telling her shocked mother that she "can marry a princess" and showing the children's book King and King about a prince who falls in love with a prince.

"We dropped 19 points after that ad, the O'Connell ad brought us back 12 points," Kendell said. "We were closing." "There was not enough money to do both," she added. "The ad choices were dictated by reality." Kendell said that the unaired ad featured local lesbian Jeanne Rizzo [pictured above with her partner, Pali Cooper], who was a party to the successful lawsuit that overturned the state's anti-gay marriage laws. READ MORE

H/T: Pam's House Blend

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