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Monday, October 05, 2009

News and Pop Culture Round-Up

  • Hip-hop icon, Mr Magic dead at 53, of heart attack
  • Obama to take on military gay ban at `right time'
  • Man arrested over 'homophobic' murder of British consul, John Terry
  • James Franco: Soap Opera is "Performance Art"
  • The Hunted: Homosexuals in Iraq
  • University of North Texas student senate says 'no' to same-sex couples on homecoming court
  • Leonard Matlovich memorial planned for the National Equality March
  • To the disappointment of LGBT Americans, Obama will not be attending the National Equality March
  • Singer Corinne Bailey Rae opens up about the death of her husband and the redemptive power of music
  • Gay DivorcĂ©: I Am Not a Poster Child
  • Sharon Lettman named executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition
  • There are still affordable airline ticket prices available if you want to attend the National Equality March this weekend
  • David Letterman publicly apologizes to his wife
  • UK police issue warning about a man who preys on members of the LGBT community
  • The vast right-wing conspiracy is back
  • Gay men needed to test a new HIV vaccine
  • Italian group claims to debunk Shroud of Turin
  • Recall campaign against gay Portland Mayor Sam Adams has failed
  • Nationwide readings of 'Laramie Project' invite conversation on the killing of Matthew Shepard
  • Scientists determine dynamics of HIV transmission in UK heterosexuals
  • Toronto teacher facing sex charges commits suicide
  • In a previously unpublished interview, the late Walter Cronkite, legendary journalist, revealed his candid opinions on many gay rights issues
  • Teacher's sex change firing 'wrong message': expert
  • Opposition building against D.C. gay marriage bill
  • We are in a period of interracial transition: expert
  • Former husband of Matt Lucas commits suicide
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