Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Buzz: Ginette Reno, Solange, Boyzone, Spice Girls, Norah Jones, Rihanna, Lilith Fair & MORE!

North American concert tour dates for Lilith Fair 2010 annouced

Lilith Fair, the all-female music festival founded by Canadian Sarah McLachlan, will tour to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in 2010. Additional cities may be announced later, according to Lilith Fair co-founder and Nettwerk Records CEO Terry McBride. But organizers have announced a tour of 14 cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington. No artists have been announced for the festival, which has been in hiatus since 1999. Lilith Fair staged 104 shows from 1997 to 1999 that featured lineups of female artists or female-led bands including the Dixie Chicks, Liz Phair, Queen Latifah, Bonnie Raitt, Chantal Kreviazuk and Sheryl Crow. McLachlan started the festival because of frustration over the reluctance of DJs to feature any two female artists in a row on radio.

Beloved French-Canadian singer, Ginette Reno, wins big at ADISQ Music Awards

Beloved Quebec songstress Ginette Reno was a mighty presence at Sunday night's ADISQ awards in Montreal, winning three Félix awards including female artist of the year. "I want to thank everyone who voted for me, you were right!" Reno declared as she accepted her awards. "All the other nominees, you were good, but you still have time." Reno's latest best-selling album, Fais-moi la tendresse, was named the most popular album of the year. Reno's single from the album, also called Fais-moi la tendresse, was voted as most popular song. The Quebec crooner has been producing and performing music for five decades. The Félix awards are given out by the Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la video (ADISQ) to honour the Quebec recording industry and its artists, in a ceremony similar to the Grammys or Junos. The awards are named after legendary Quebec singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc.

Crooner Michael Buble: 'My girlfriend thought I was gay'

Crooner Michael Buble makes some frank confessions about his pot use and partying ways in an interview published in Britain's The Sun tabloid. Buble also tells The Sun how he nearly missed out on hooking up with his new girlfriend, Argentine beauty Luisana Lopilato, because she mistook him for gay. Buble says he didn't speak Spanish, so when he first met her backstage last year he chatted up her English-speaking male friend. "I was saying to him, 'You're a good-looking dude' and 'You guys are a good-looking couple.' "I later found out she was on the phone to her mother the whole time saying, 'Buble's gay. He's hitting on my friend.'" He found out the pair weren't a couple afterward, got a message to Lopilato, a huge star and famed beauty in South America, and the two have been together ever since. His latest, Crazy Love — which features original material alongside the smooth crooner classics for which he's known — went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts this week, beating out the Twilight saga's New Moon soundtrack in its first week.

Singer, Solange Knowles, in a surprise career move has left Interscope music label

Solange released an album with Interscope last year but, given the way work on her forthcoming material is progressing, she’s now decided to go into a different direction, away from mainstream sound and promotion. Of course, according to a post on her Twitter page, she will always be grateful to the people at the record label who’ve helped her so far and have been so supportive of everything she wanted to do until now. “Although it’s been a wonderful journey & experience at Interscope Records, after truly recognizing what’s important to ME as an artist, I decided it was time for me to continue my path on a more independent platform. I thank Ron [Fair] and Jimmy [Iovine] for believing in me as an artist and supporting my journey… and have nothing but respect for the Interscope family. I’m excited about continuing to dive in, experiment and creating music and art with no boundaries, fears or expectations. Gonna be fun folks.” In other words, Solange has left Interscope, one of the biggest music labels in the world, to get her artistic freedom.

Boyzone to release new CD in tribute of late gay band member Stephen Gately

In the wake of Stephen Gately's sudden death on October 10, his bandmates in Boyzone plan to record a tribute album for him. "We have decided that what we do now is we're going to make the next album for Stephen," Ronan Keating recently opened up. "We want to stick together because we find comfort in being together at the moment," he continued. "We have a couple of songs with Stephen's vocal on it so that's a saving grace. Thank God we have that, that's very important to all of us and we know the fans would really appreciate that too."

Spice Girls to reunite and perform at 2012 Olympic Games

Spice Girls indeed will make an on-stage reunion. According to their manager Simon Fuller, the pop girl group will open the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. "They stand for so much in British music history and I can't think of a better time for them to get back together for another performance," Simon told The Mirror. "The demand for them as a band is as strong as ever. They will not want to be performing hits like Wannabe in their 40s, but it's amazing how often people talk about another reunion," the creator of Idol franchise continued. "And I think if they do it, it's going to be in 2012."

Video Premiere: Norah Jones' new single 'Chasing Pirates'

Norah Jones is dressed up as a pirate in a music video supporting her new single "Chasing Pirates". "Chasing Pirates" is the first single from Norah Jones' upcoming fourth studio album "The Fall" which is due for a November 17 U.S. release. "For this record, I just had a sound in my head," she said. "I wanted the grooves to be more present and heavy. And I also just wanted to do something different - I've been hanging with the same group of musicians for a long time, and I thought it was a good time for me to work with different people and experiment a little."
Watch: Norah Jones' "Chasing Pirates" music video

Rihanna’s new single references Chris Brown beating and posits that love is 'simply dangerous'
Rihanna’s first new single since getting beaten by boyfriend Chris Brown is titled “Russian Roulette.” On the cover, she is wrapped in barbed wire with an eye patch that looks like a black eye. The lyrics include: And you can see my heart beating/ You can see it through my chest/ And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving/ Know that I must pass this test/ So just pull the trigger. Given the many, many young girls that blamed Rihanna for her beating, releasing a song that posits that love is simply dangerous is really… disappointing.”

Brad Paisley (sadly) says no to posing nude for Playgirl

Brad Paisley revealed in a recent interview with Grand Rapids, Mich., radio station B93 that he isn't into nudity and thus has turned down such offer brought to him by Playgirl more than once. "I've actually turned that down," he admitted. "They've asked a few times, and no. They can forget it ... They ask everybody. They ask every male country singer. Trust me. No way. Not in a million years. That's just not what I'm about" he claimed. "You know another thing? I've got a lot of fans that are teenage girls here and there and I don't want them buying that magazine. I'm not going to promote that magazine. It's garbage. I'm sure there are fantastic articles, but that's not what I'm about," he went on explaining. "Some things are better left to the imagination, and that's one of them!" Brad Paisley is a Grammy Award-winning country music singer-songwriter and virtuoso country guitarist.

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