Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Betty White amazed by 'SNL' Facebook campaign

"TV legend, Betty White is surprised fans have launched an online campaign to land her a job hosting NBC's Saturday Night Live - because she thought the public would be sick of seeing her on TV, " reports Aceshowbiz.com.

She tells E! Online, "I'm just amazed. I would think by now that they've had such an overdose of Betty White that they'd be throwing rocks instead. (It) would depend on scheduling and all that. But who knows? You can't ever say yes or no or never - you just wait to see what happens."

Over 330,000 people on Facebook have signed a petition asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to have Betty White host the show. They'd be lucky to have her and she'd certainly add some much needed comedy class to SNL.
Besides, as we all know - everything is better with Betty!