Monday, February 15, 2010

Documentary maker admits the mercy killing of his gay lover

"British broadcaster, Ray Gosling, 70, has admitted the mercy killing of his same sex partner in a programme broadcast this evening by the BBC, " reports UK Pink News. "Nottingham based film maker told the BBC's 'Inside Out: East Midlands':

"I killed someone once… He'd been my lover and he got Aids."

"I picked up the pillow and smothered him until he was dead… I have no regrets. I did the right thing."

The gay documentary maker said that he had killed his partner while he lay in hospital after doctors said there was nothing they could do to help him.

"I said to the doctor: 'Leave me… just for a bit,' and he went away… The doctor came back and I said: 'He's gone.' Nothing more was ever said. " READ MORE

Police investigate Gosling's lover death confession

"Ray Gosling's on-air confession that he killed his ailing lover is to be investigated by Nottinghamshire Police," reports the BBC. "Ray Gosling, 70, told the BBC's Inside Out programme he had smothered the unnamed man who was dying of Aids. Following the broadcast, police confirmed they had begun an inquiry. A spokesman said: "We were not aware of Mr Gosling's comments until the BBC Inside Out programme was shown. We are now liaising with the BBC and will investigate the matter."

Pressure group Care Not Killing said it was "bizarre" the BBC had not told police of the admission when it was filmed in December. The BBC said it was under no obligation to report to police ahead of broadcast but would co-operate with the inquiry. READ MORE

Ray Gosling admits killing Aids-suffering lover