Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interview with Scott Evans

It looks like Oliver Fish has a lot of daddy drama coming up on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. We Love Soaps recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with his portrayer [openly gay actor] Scott Evans to discuss his evolution as an actor, an activist, and what Oliver Fish has been facing this past year. You can read the 3-part interview below.

Part One - The talented and courageous actor discussed his process of becoming a public figure in 2009, and shared what being a "role model" means to him.

Part Two - Scott discusses having his own mother play his mother on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, how he approached the gay-wedding scenes, and his thoughts on Rupert Everett's recent comments about gay actors.

Part Three - He shares thoughts about Emmy's, Fish's future, and what led him to stop reading internet message boards.

You can also view WLS TV #8 to catch We Love Soaps's complete interview with Scott Evans