Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gay man verbally and physically harassed at the Olympics

"A gay Vancouver man wants to know what the Olympic organizing committee is going to do about the 20-minute verbal and physical homophobic onslaught he endured at the Feb 8 opening ceremonies rehearsal," reports's Jeremy Hainsworth. "Tyler Sheppard says he received no help from Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics (VANOC) ushers, security or police. Now, he says, he has seen a lawyer and is considering legal action against VANOC for failing to ensure the venue was safe. He has also filed a report with the Vancouver Police Department. READ MORE

Sheppard says a woman who incorrectly insisted he and his friends were sitting in her seats repeatedly called him and his friends "fucking faggots." Sheppard says the abuse continued even after ushers determined Sheppard and his friends were in the right seats. They were there to see a friend dance in the opening ceremonies. But the woman kept kicking their seats after they sat down, Sheppard says. VANOC declined to comment on the alleged incident. The Vancouver Police Department confirms it has an assault report on an incident at BC Place but has no suspect. READ MORE

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