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Thursday, April 22, 2010

What gay men can teach straights about safe sex

"Women are skipping the condoms when it comes to, well, the backdoor. It seems women have a safe sex blind spot when it comes to anal sex, according to a new report by the NYC Health Department. Far fewer women consistently use condoms during anal sex than men who sleep with men; 23 percent and 61 percent, respectively,"writes Tracy Clark-Flory. "This isn't too surprising. For good reason, PSA's about using protection during anal sex have largely been targeted toward gay men; and sex education classes often focus on the threat of pregnancy and, secondarily, disease through vaginal intercourse. Anal sex is still a taboo, giggle-inducing topic, even as the consequences of unprotected sex have never been so thoroughly on public display -- in pop culture, and our personal lives. Add to that the fact that research has shown adults have a tough time nailing down what exactly constitutes s-e-x. Meanwhile, anal sex is reportedly becoming more and more popular among heterosexuals, especially youngsters. READ MORE

Heterosexuals have... a-n-a-l sex?



What is that you say?!

I am shocked!



All kidding aside.

Kudos to Tracey for writing an informative article on a topic very few speak candidly about.

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