Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talent Watch: Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig
Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. His father, Harald Horst Ludwig, is Co-Chairman of the Board for Lions Gate Entertainment Corp and his mother, Sharlene, is a former actress. The 19-year old Alexander is the eldest of four children. He has 3 younger siblings that are also in show business: twins, Natalie and Nicholas and sister, Sophie.

“My parents know how passionate I’ve always been about acting. I convinced them this was something that I was going to put my heart and soul into. They encourage me 100 percent. I couldn’t do it without their support.” - Da Man magazine (April/May 2012 issue)


Like many young actors just starting out, some of Alexander's first paying gigs were appearances in TV commercials. But his break out role was landing the lead of Will Stanton in, THE SEEKER: THE DARK. That movie was based on the popular young adult fantasy series, THE DARK IS RISING, by Susan Cooper, and was released in October of 2007. The film was directed by David L Cunningham and starred Ian McShane, Frances Conroy, Drew Tyler Bell, Christopher Eccleston and fellow Canucks, Gregory Smith and Wendy Crewson.

Alexander enjoyed his first real success at the box office in March 2009 when the science fiction thriller, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, opened at number one and went on to earn over 100 million dollars. The film was directed by Andy Fickman and is based on the popular novel, ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, by Alexander Key. The movie starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb and Carla Gugino.


Alexander Ludwig and Jack Quaid (right) in a scene from THE HUNGER GAMES
Alexander enthusiastically embraced his character, Cato, for the science fiction drama, THE HUNGER GAMES, by working out at the gym to gain 40 pounds of muscle for the role. The film, which is based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins, was directed by Gary Ross and features up and coming Hollywood actors Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

The film was released in March 2012 and quickly went on to become a worldwide phenomenon, earning more than 400 million dollars at the box office so far!


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