Saturday, July 12, 2014

Openly Gay NDP MLA and Husband Were Not Allowed To Be Foster Parents

Spencer Chandra-Herbert
[Vancouver, B.C.] An openly gay NDP MLA is asking tough questions of the province’s adoption program after he and his partner were told their sexual orientation was the reason they would not be able to foster and potentially adopt a baby who had been abandoned by its parents. Spencer Chandra-Herbert and his longtime partner Romi have been trying to adopt a child for two years. This week, their social worker called asking them if they were interested in fostering, and potentially adopting, a B.C.-born baby. Chandra-Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End, said they responded with an excited “Yes.” Their excitement, however, was short-lived. Within 24 hours, the social worker emailed them with the bad news. According to Chandra-Herbert, the baby’s extended family -- who also didn’t want to take care of the child -- nixed the plan when they learned that the prospective family was gay. “Why does a family who is unwilling to take care of the child, and unable to take care of the child, able to veto another family ... that was willing and able to provide the love that the baby deserves?” Chandra-Herbert asked in a Friday interview with The Province. “It is upsetting ... I think this is just one example of a number that we’ve come across now where barriers are in the way of taking care of the kids that need it.”

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