Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bullied Gay Teen Declared Brain Dead

This is such sad news. The Associated Press is reporting that 15-year-old Lawrence King has been declared brain dead but remains on a ventilator for possible organ donation. King was shot yesterday in a junior high school computer lab in Oxnard, California. The alleged attacker was a 14-year-old eighth grader. The suspect was booked for investigation of attempted murder, Oxnard police chief John Crombach said.

The Los Angeles Times reports that King had been constantly bullied by other boys because he declared himself gay, wore makeup and women's jewelry. Police spokesman David Keith said ''This kind of incident is the most difficult for police officers. A 15-year-old should be allowed to go to school and be in a safe environment... '' Yes, they should.

While doing research for this post, I was greatly disturbed by some mainstream media reports that did not mention the teen as gay. Furthermore, most mainstream media are reporting that the police are saying there was no motive for the shooting other than the two boys had "bad blood" between them. That's not true. It was known that Lawrence King identified as gay and was being bullied. Had the victim been straight and the shooter gay, mainstream media headlines would likely be screaming "Homosexual Teen Shoots Student". But all that doesn't matter at the moment - because, as I write this - Lawrence King is lying in a hospital bed, brain dead. My prayers go out to Lawrence, his family and friends. - QTC

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