Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Sex and the City" Gals Reunite; Cynthia Nixon Honored with a Point Courage Award

People reports:
The stars of Sex and the City: The Movie squealed happily as they reunited on the red carpet Monday night at a Point Foundation benefit in New York City. Getting all four actresses in one place is "very rare," Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a silvery dress and shoes by Yves St. Laurent, told PEOPLE. "On the set, we eventually got used to seeing each other, so we didn't scream as much." Meanwhile the reunion was going straight to Kim Cattrall's head. "It's like champagne," she said of seeing all her fellow costars. "It's intoxicating. My heart flutters a little bit." So what brought them all out? Parker, Cattrall and Kristin Davis were there to cheer on Cynthia Nixon, who was being honored with a Point Courage Award. (The organization offers scholarships to gay, lesbian and transgender youths.) MORE

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