Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hipster Racism?

Hipster racism is defined as: "...ideas, speech, and action meant to denigrate another’s person race or ethnicity under the guise of being urbane, witty (meaning “ironic” nowadays), educated, liberal, and/or trendy."

Karol Collymore (pictured) writes:
"Last week, I believe I had three instances of the so-called hipster racism. I will only talk about one since it is pretty reflective of the other two. I was at a hip bar in the hip section of North Portland. I was sitting with some people new people and a couple old friends... During our cocktails, one of the people referred to a Black person as a Negro. I immediately said something, making it clear that it was not OK to use that word. I got blank stares, a "you are too sensitive," and then they returned to conversation. Now, I was never excluded throughout the evening and shared some laughs with these guys. As soon as the word Negro was uttered I felt very separate and different... What intrigued me more was that no one else - save my friend who is a member of the GLBT community - understood or defended what I said..." READ MORE

H/T: GayAgenda