Friday, August 22, 2008

Homofication: Is Alexandre Despatie gay?

Homofication - slang, def: projecting homosexuality on people who you want to have sex with.

Sean Horlor writes:
I've been talking to a few friends about this one since [Alexandre] Despatie won his [Olympic] silver medal on the 3m springboard. It's an interesting gay male phenomenon, one that is shared by one or two of my lesbian friends too and a whole airplane load of straight girls (who often believe that this is "just a phase"). Anyway, when confronted with an attractive member of the same sex, I often find myself coming to the conclusion, in true Sherlock Homo fashion, that he is gay. Based on what facts you ask? Why sheer sex appeal of course. Clearly, if I am attracted to them, they must be homosexual. Sure there's some hope in there somewhere, but hope isn't sexy so who cares about that. I believe this is a version of Gaydar, but not quite. READ MORE