Friday, August 22, 2008

Lawrence King Update: Court turns over Larry's files to the defense! reports:
(Oxnard, California) Confidential files and school records of 15-year old Larry King, the gay teen who was gunned down by another student in February, have been turned over to the attorney for the boy accused of killing him. Attorney William Quest, who represents Brandon McInerney, 14, had subpoenaed the records to help him prepare his legal defense. The King family opposed the subpoena on the grounds the information should be kept private.

It is believed the material contains information on King’s medical and psychological behavior during the time he was living at Casa Pacifica, a center for troubled and abused children, according to The Ventura County Star newspaper. The files also are believed to contain information from teachers and students at Green School, where both King and McInerney were students and where the shooting occurred. “As I said before, Brandon is not a sociopath. This is not some crazy kid,” Quest told The Star. “[There was] a lot of stuff going on” prior to the shooting. “There were warnings of trouble,” he told the paper. READ MORE

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