Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dan Savage pulls racist column BEFORE his appearance on "The Colbert Report"



No it's the Prop 8 two-step that Dan Savage found himself doing on TV last night.

Rod 2.0 reports:
Dan Savage—the glorified sex columnist who has done his best to incite a race riot in the aftermath of Proposition 8—makes another vapid appearance as the go-to-gay on The Colbert Report. Last night's appearance on Comedy Central was only hours after Savage and his editors mysteriously vaporized the incendiary column from The Stranger that blasted black voters for Prop 8 and claimed "the huge numbers of homophobic African Americans" were a threat to "gay Americans." Savage's column and hundreds of comments have been digitally whitewashed but the Google Caches are still available... Not surprisingly Savage tried to walkback the ugly racial blame game he encouraged.

Shame on Dan for removing that column from The Stranger. Nobody wins in the blame game and you'd think that someone as smart as Savage would know that.