Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Being Erin Karpluk

"SOAPnet’s Being Erica ends its second season finale April 7th with an Alice in Wonderland-style sign-off that’s crafty as hell—it serves equally well as a maddening tease for Season 3 or a satisfying conclusion should the show not get a renewal," reports TV Guide. "Chances are good that the Canadian-made sudser—about a time-traveling psychiatry patient named Erica Strange—will get picked up but no deal is set yet. And even if the Canucks stick with it, there’s no guarantee SOAPnet will continue to air it in the U.S. Whatever happens, leading lady Erin Karpluk is going to Hollywood. The Alberta-born actress, who also plays the radio-station producer on the CW freshman hit Life Unexpected, recently got her green card and moves to Los Angeles this month.

TV Guide Magazine had a chat with the very popular actress, Erin Karpluk, about the future—both hers and Erica’s:

TV Guide: The lady with two TV shows!

Erin Karpluk: I’m a very lucky girl these days. It’s crazy.

TV Guide: And sure to get crazier. Erica shoots in Vancouver and Life shoots in Toronto. If both shows get a pickup, won’t your moving to La La Land make your life extra nuts?

Erin Karpluk: Sure, but that’s the life of an actor. It’s been a three-year process to get my green card and I’m really pumped to see what might happen for me in L.A. It’s time for me to switch it up. I’m not married. I don’t have kids. I don’t have any responsibilities tying me down. I just have a cactus.

TV Guide: Do you think a Canadian renewal for Erica is in the bag?

Erin Karpluk: We’ve done really well in Canada, though we usually get slaughtered when we’re up against a hockey game. I’m hopeful we’ll get renewed but I never believe anything until I’m actually back on the set shooting.

Read full interview here.