Friday, November 14, 2008

Gay rapper Deadlee slams homophobe Trick Trick

Trick Trick, the rapper who created controversy a few days ago, when he said 'I don't want faggot money' has provoked a furious response by many in the gay hip hop community.

UK Pink News reports:
Los Angeles-based 'homothug' rapper/actor Deadlee said he was torn on how to deal with someone like Trick Trick.

"My first thought is to get crazy and warn him that this faggot will kick his ass — but I am so on cloud 9 with Obama winning, and the way he did it," he said. "Obama was called a terrorist, unpatriotic, and the entire time kept his cool, I so wish I was like that.

I know who I am and my self worth that I really don't give a fuck who or what a Trick Trick has to say. I also know with the passage of Prop 8 in California, there is still a lot of hate against gays, and a Trick Trick just perpetuates the hate. He is threatening to kill gay people in his lyrics and that's where he goes too far."

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