Monday, November 10, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd still spreading lies and misinformation

I stopped watching The View after Rosie O'Donnell left. I don't miss it in the least. To me, the show epitomizes the rise and acceptance of anti-intellectualism in media. The lack of research behind the issues of the day, as discussed by the show's hosts, is frighteningly apparent. In one of their most recent exchanges, concerning gay marriage rights and California's Prop 8, outright lies and misinformation were verbally vomitted forth as facts by co-hosts Elisabeth Hasslebeck and Sherri Shepherd. My buddy, Michael Jensen, editor of addresses the show's latest pack of lies-presented-as-truth, with the following great commentary...

Michael Jensen writes:
The View has never exactly been a font of accurate information and, really, what would you expect when one of the hosts (Elisabeth Hasselbeck) found fame on Survivor. But given that the show is the creation of journalist Barbara Walters, you'd think she would at least require a modicum of knowledge from Hasselbeck [pictured right] and co-host Sherri Shepherd [pictured left] before they open their traps about topics other than their kids. But such is clearly not the case as the two demonstrated on Friday's show when they spread all sorts of misinformation about California's Proposition 8. READ MORE