Friday, November 14, 2008

Manscapes: The art of Angelo Giannoutsos

The male nude is the inspiration behind the art of New Zealand-born artist, Angelo Giannoutsos. Recently, the award-winning painter spoke with SX writer, Adam Bub.

Adam Bub writes:
Sinewy, muscled, naked men in bed, in towels, on chairs, outdoors and in the water form the homoerotic art of Angelo Giannoutsos, as featured in his latest exhibition of vibrant oil on canvas artworks, Manscapes.

The appeal isn’t lost on Giannoutsos, who took on the enviable task of scouting models to capture in paint. “My friends have me on about how it’s a sinister way for me to get lads up home and to get them to take their clothes off. I must say I love that part of it!” he cheekily tells SX. “But apart from that, I think capturing the nude is the ultimate challenge for any artist. And because it’s familiar to all of us, you want the viewer to connect.” READ MORE (semi-NSFW artwork)