Friday, November 14, 2008

Interview: Olympian Matthew Mitcham on being a gay icon and his life after Beijing

Olympian Matthew Mitcham has become a gay icon the world over. But he hasn’t let it go to his head, reports Peter Hackney, who caught up with the diver for his first in-depth interview since winning Beijing gold for Australia.

Peter Hackney writes:
In a world where everyone seems to be on the make, Matthew Mitcham is a refreshing change. Unlike some other athletes that come to mind, he’s not milking his Beijing experience like a frenzied bovine. He’s not selling his story to the highest bidder, for instance, but is instead speaking to the gay press, and a community that has strongly supported him. He’s not hitting the party circuit, but has slipped back comfortably into his training at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, practising the sport he loves, spending his spare time (what little there is) doing ordinary things like catching up with friends and family, and hanging out with his partner. Speaking of whom, how is the other half – the enigmatic Lachlan Fletcher – taking to all the attention? “He’s still shy,” Matt chuckles. “He hasn’t done any media, really. He’s just taking it in his stride as well, with me doing my training, and having to go away to all these functions and events. He’s just helping me along, which I’m extremely grateful for.”

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