Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Crappy Homophobic Hollywood Movie

Below are excerpts from two movie reviews of ROLE MODELS (starring Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Jane Lynch).

Emma Ruby-Sachs writes:
This weekend I went to see the new movie ROLE MODELS. I was excited. Paul Rudd (pictured) is adorable and has an amazing movie track record and Jane Lynch might be the funniest woman in the world. The theatre was sold out and we were lucky to get seats anywhere near the middle and all the buzz in the theatre made it that much more exciting.

But within five minutes the first faggot joke happened. It was one in a long, long line of homophobic cracks throughout the movie. Every time one of the characters used the word “gay” or talked about being sodomized the entire theater erupted into laughter. The high school couple three seats down were actually crying from all the hilarity. The homophobic jokes were so common I have to assume they were purposely put there to make a point. And almost all of the offensive jokes were said by characters other than the two main “role models.” But if it was intended to make a point, I can personally promise that no one in the theater I was in got it. READ MORE

Afterelton/ Brian Juergens writes:
To be perfectly honest, ROLE MODELS pissed me off. It's funny, it's crass, and it's an excellent showcase for the increasingly humpy talents of Seann William Scott (including a butt-shot) and the ever-adorable Paul Rudd. But I'm just flat-out sick and tired of hearing "faggot", "gay" and "homo" in the first 10 minutes of a comedy. Especially when that comedy comes from a handful of gay-friendly folks, including director David Wain, who brought us the exceedingly gay-friendly WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and THE TEN. Sure, the gaybombs come out of the mouths of "bad guys", but that doesn't make it any easier to hear them if you've been on the receiving end of such words before. READ MORE