Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wanda Sykes publicly comes out as lesbian

Here's what actress and comedian Wanda Sykes had to say about Obama winning the election, the passage of Prop 8 and her recent marriage:

"I thought, man we are moving in the right direction. And then at about 11 o’clock I was crushed. We took a huge leap forward and then got dragged 12 feet back. I felt like I was being attacked, personally attacked, our community was attacked. I got married Oct. 25, I don’t really talk about my sexual orientation, I felt like I was living my life, I wasn’t in the closet, but I was just living my life. Everybody who knows me personally, they know I’m gay. And that’s the way people should be able to live our lives, really. We shouldn’t have to be standing out here demanding something we automatically should have as citizens of this country. ... They pissed off the wrong group of people. They have galvanized a community. We are so together now and we all want the same thing and we shouldn’t have to settle for less. Instead of having gay marriage in California, no, we’re gonna have gay marriage across the country. When my wife and I leave California, I want to have my marriage also recognized in Nevada, in Arizona, all the way to New York. ... I’m proud to be a woman, I’m proud to be a black woman and I’m proud to be gay."

Congratulations Wanda on your recent marriage!

Also, here's an article from the New York Times that reported on the National Day of Protest. It mentions Wanda's marriage as well.

New York Times: Across U.S., Big Rallies for Same-Sex Marriage

A big hat tip to Rod 2.0