Monday, December 01, 2008

AIDSWatch: A 24-hour World AIDS Day Memorial

I received this email today:
Dear Queer Two Cents,

December 1st. World AIDS Day. Today. For the 13th year we present
AIDSWatch. In West Hollywood it is running until midnight tonight on Channel 6 in most of Time Warner land, elsewhere in LA it runs on Channel 25... PLEASE tell everyone you know in LA about this. Spread the word. Like life, it's here now and gone before we know it. Tune it in for 5 minutes. Think about all the lives and all the love that has been lost. Please please forward this on to anyone, everyone you know in the Los Angeles area.

Stop AIDS, Fight Back, ACT UP

David Reid

Thank-you, David.

Readers, please view AIDSWatch and help spread the word. More about AIDSWatch via WeHo City News:

AIDSWatch, a 24-hour World AIDS Day Memorial, Cablecast from West Hollywood on Monday, December 1, 2008
On World AIDS Day, Monday, December 1, 2008, the City of West Hollywood will once again sponsor and originate AIDSWatch, an electronic, televised memorial. For 24 hours beginning at midnight, West Hollywood Citychannel 6 (on Time Warner Cable) will display the names of thousands of people who have died of AIDS, one at a time. Twice each hour, information about HIV/AIDS service providers will be displayed.

The goal of the televised memorial is to reach into people's living rooms and remind them that HIV and AIDS touches everyone. AIDSWatch has been a part of World AIDS Day since 1996, and the City of West Hollywood continues to be a sponsor. The public is invited to contribute names of people to whom they would like to pay tribute on AIDSWatch. Names may be added at More information here.

You can also learn more about AIDS here.