Monday, December 08, 2008

Heterosexualists love to ski down slippery slopes

Heterosexualists sure do love to ski down slippery slopes! Their inane arguments against marriage equality, that it will lead to polygamy or worse, men marrying sheep, are so backward and illogical. Folks like these seem to be perpetually 'going for the gold' in the culture war Olympics!

King 5 reports:
(Seattle) Gay rights activists want an apology after accusing the University of Washington student newspaper of fear mongering. They say an opinion column took a stand against gay marriage and used an inappropriate picture to make its case. The photo in The Daily, about the size of a credit card, shows a silhouette of a man and a sheep. “That's actually pretty offensive. They're comparing gay marriage to a man and an animal?” said sophomore Deon Diblasi. The photo ignited a packed rally of more than 100 people on the UW campus. READ MORE

I like Intertstate Q editor, Matt Comer's take on the controversy:

There’s controversy at the University of Washington over an image printed with an anti-gay op-ed decrying marriage for same-sex couples. The paper published a silhouette of a man and a sheep, purportedly to help illustrate the op-ed author’s “slippery slope” argument. I have a few ideas for what image they could have published with the opposing, pro-equality op-ed, in order to illustrate how the heterosexuals don’t keep their marriages as sacred as they say and how they’ve done more damage to it than we ever could.

How about the following:

  • A silhouette of a man beating his wife;
  • A silhouette of a father beating his child;
  • A silhouette of a father raping his daughter;
    • Read more of what Matt has to say here.