Thursday, August 06, 2009

News and Pop Culture Round-Up

Most Canadians believe Canada still in recession: poll
Despite recent reports that the economy appears to be on the upswing, Canadians overwhelmingly believe we are still in some form of a recession, a new poll suggests. The EKOS poll, commissioned for the CBC and released Thursday, suggests 86 per cent of Canadians think the economy is in some sort of recession or depression, with 49 per cent saying it’s in a mild recession, 25 per cent believing it’s a severe recession and 12 per cent saying it’s a depression. Twelve per cent think Canada is experiencing a period of moderate growth, while two per cent believe it’s strong growth. READ MORE

Streisand to auction costumes, art and furniture for charity
Want to lounge in a wicker chair from Barbra Streisand’s sunroom? Perhaps wear one of her designer dresses or tinkle the keys of her baby grand piano? Your chance is coming in October, when Streisand will auction more than 400 personal items to benefit her charity. “What good does it do in storage,” the 67-year-old entertainer said. “Let someone else enjoy it. These things, they’re not forever. We pass them on and reap the benefits for something important.” A collector throughout her career, Streisand is selling costumes from her films, including a dress from “Funny Lady,” a robe from “The Way We Were” and several outfits from “Meet the Fockers.”READ MORE

  • Rate of rejected signatures opposing same-sex referendum in Washington increases
  • Settlement reached in N.J. gay-harassment suit
  • ENDA introduced into U.S. Senate
  • New York City Gay Men's Choir in financial trouble
  • Speaker Quinn leads Tel Aviv vigil in New York
  • Sailor who killed self in brig was being watched

  • Gay Indian prince: 'Yoga didn't turn me straight'
    A gay Indian prince has criticised claims that yoga can 'cure' homosexuality. Following a recent Delhi High Court ruling to decrimalise gay sex, popular yoga guru Swami Baba Ramdev filed a challenge saying homosexuality was a "disease" and could be cured by yoga. However, Manvendra Singh Gohil, prince of the state of Rajpipla, who was disowned by his family for being gay, has rubbished the claims. READ MORE

  • Group appeals to Burundi to drop law banning homosexuality
  • Stonewall Democrats Executive Director stepping down
  • WAC reprimands Hawaii coach for using slur
  • Wis. same-sex couples sign up as domestic partners
  • Portugal's high court keeps gay marriage ban
  • American-Dutch gay couples wed in Amsterdam

  • The killer of openly gay sailor August Provost, commits suicide
  • Israelis rally after 2 murdered at gay center
  • Annie Leibovitz sued in NY for breach of contract
  • Maine gay marriage opponents submit challenges
  • Hawaii coach apologizes for gay slur
  • Gay activists: Marriage secondary to basic rights
  • U.S. Soldiers accused of executing gay Iraqis
  • Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King given Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • Survey finds almost half of Israelis think gays are deviants

    Days after a gunman killed two in a Tel Aviv gay youth centre, a poll has suggested that nearly half of Israelis think gays are deviants. The poll, conducted by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, surveyed 498 people. Forty-six per cent of the people surveyed answered yes to the question "Do you see homosexuality as a perversion?" Forty-two per cent said it was not, while 12 per cent did not know. The percentage was highest among Orthodox Jews, with 71 per cent believing it was a perversion. Sixty-four per cent of Arab Israelis and 24 per cent of people who described themselves as secular agreed. READ MORE

  • E. Lynn Harris, pioneering writer of gay black fiction, dead from heart disease: Coroner
  • Albania plans to legalize gay marriages
  • Bombs explode on Outgames track
  • No charges in Mormon church plaza gay kissing incident
  • South Africa launches new AIDS research
  • Tenn. state senator quits after affair with intern