Friday, May 20, 2016

Heard About the Gaydar Gun?

We often wonder if there is such a thing as "gaydar" and now there is! I had never heard of the GaydarGun before today. It was created by Bret Ray. His brother Terry Ray and Larry LaFond produced an award-winning short comedy film, GAYDAR. In the film, they needed a device to determine if a person was gay or not, thus the Gaydar Gun was born.

In this fun video clip below, actor David Pevsner, who plays Ross Stein in the hit comedy series, "Old Dogs & News Tricks" strips down to his bare chest and gets "zapped" by Terry Ray with the Gaydar Gun!

I've included another clip of Terry Ray as Bruce the Elf on the short-lived talk show, "The Rosie Show" hosted by Rosie O"Donnell.

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Watch: Terry Ray uses the Gaydar Gun on actor David Pevsner

Watch: Rosie O'Donnell & Terry Ray on "The Rosie Show"