Monday, September 28, 2009

Openly gay Guido Westerwelle, now poised to become Germany's new foreign minister

On Friday, I posted news about Germany's weekend elections and that Guido Westerwelle (pictured) could become Germany's first openly gay foreign minister if he won the election. Today, the election results showed that Westerwelle led his Free Democratic party to its best result in 60 years! He'll now become Germany's first openly homosexual vice-chancellor and could win more than the normal three cabinet positions traditionally reserved for the junior partner in a coalition government.

UK Telegraph reports:
Guido Westerwelle, the German liberal leader who is poised to become the country's new foreign minister, has led his Free Democratic party to its best result in 60 years, triumphantly returning the party to power after 11 years in the political wilderness.

A permanent tan and close fitting suits tailored to a well-preserved physique belie the scars accumulated in eight years as leader of Germany's third political force. As he celebrated victory on Sunday night, he reminded supporters of challenges of holding government office. He said: "We are pleased with this exceptional result but we know that above all else, this means responsibility."

The 47-year old from Bonn does not disguise that his flamboyance has frequently endangered the credibility of the FDP, an economically liberal force that represents the interests of the urban middle class. Mr Westerwelle had his official coming-out when he attended Angela Merkel's 50th birthday party in 2004 with his partner, businessman Michael Mronz, and has said he would like to have a family.