Monday, September 28, 2009

What do Francois Sagat, Francesco D'Macho and Bruce LaBruce have in common?

What do adult video stars Francois Sagat (pictured above), Francesco D'Macho (pictured below) and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce have in common? The film L.A. Zombie! The movie's director, Bruce LaBruce, invited Gay of the Dead's Sean Abley to the film set:

Gay of the Dead's Sean Abley writes:
My first question is, “Why another gay zombie film?” LaBruce responds that this is “…more of an alien film. Do you know Samuel R. Delany’s THE MAD MAN? That’s one of my inspirations for this…” He explains the plot of the film, which involves French adult video model Francois Sagat traveling around Los Angeles, and, well, how do I put this delicately? F-ing people back to life. “He might be dead, he might be an alien, or he might be a crazy homeless person.”

As LaBruce goes back to work, I move further into the gallery and come face to face with L.A. ZOMBIE’s star, French adult video model Francois Sagat. To say he’s stunning would be a massive understatement. He has a perfect body that doesn’t look too steroidy, and an all black tattoo covering the top part of his skull, the strangeness of which only makes him hotter, if that’s possible. Fans of Sagat know that on-camera he’s a man of serious demeanor and few words, so I’m a bit intimidated in his presence. Well, that and the fact that he’s so F-ing gorgeous, I’m having a hard time looking him in the eye. (Yes, he has clothes on, so no, I’m not looking there.)

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