Saturday, October 10, 2009

Colton Ford talks about the virtues of the flesh and the joys of song

I love singer/actor Colton Ford. Recently, he released his second full-length album Under the Covers. Here's an interview excerpt where he discusses the new CD and his varied career.

"Under the covers. Three words that, when taken together, can—depending on one’s own proclivities—conjure up opposing images in the mind: naughty or nice, salacious or modest, dangerous or safe. Now, take these same three words and make them the title of the new album by singer/turned porn star/turned singer Colton Ford, and the brain activity intensifies," writes Out in America. "Under the Covers is the second full-length album from Ford, following his 2008 debut, Tug of War. Sure, the title winkingly refers to Ford’s adult film past. But it’s also an apt reference to the album’s main focus: songs made famous by others. Here, the singer talks about the joys of song, the virtues of the flesh, and the thick skin that comes from being a gay icon.

Q: How did you end up choosing the songs for UNDER THE COVERS?

Colton Ford: I had a couple of ideas going into it, and my manager, Bill Coleman, fed me a lot of great songs, some of which I was familiar with and some not. But they all spoke to me. Working with songs that were not part of my musical background enabled me to get in there and bring my own musical stylings to them.

Q: Why did you choose to record covers instead of original songs this time out?

Colton Ford: People have an immediate familiarity and connection with these songs, yet, I’m able to bring a different character with my voice that people wouldn’t expect. It’s a nice way for people to become more familiar with me as a singer and to bring my music to a broader audience.

Q: Do you think that gay male singers have to show off their bodies to get attention for their music?

Colton Ford: I don’t think it’s an automatic, but there’s a sexual component in almost all marketing in the entertainment world. For me, I’ve always been provocative by nature, so I enjoy being sexy like that. It’s not a result of my porn experience–it’s just something that moves me. But some people are always going to have issues with me showing off my body. I could be wearing a suit onstage, and some people are still going to be seeing a porn star. But the idea that you can’t be a credible artist if you’re showing some skin is total bullshit.

Q: Well, you didn’t just come out of the woodwork as a singer. You’ve been doing this for a long time.

Colton Ford: I’ve been doing this for 27 years. When I got out of high school, I went right into dinner theater, performing show tunes. I’ve done jingles; I sang with a jazz quartet; I’ve opened for people like David Brenner; and I sang a couple of tracks on Frankie Knuckles second album that were never released. I’ve also been signed to a couple of my own deals that didn’t work out. There’s been a lot of turmoil, but there’s definitely been a continuum.

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