Friday, October 09, 2009

GLAAD: Mickey Rourke is 'painfully ignorant'

This morning, I posted about actor Mickey Rourke using a football situation to defend his constant use of the incredibly offensive, homophobic f-word - now - the president of GLAAD has personally issued the following statement, condemning Mickey Rourke:

TMZ reports:
"This is a slur that, regardless of what Mickey Rourke has convinced himself that it means, is often the last word that gay people, and gay youth in particular, hear before they're bullied, harassed or assaulted.

Rourke is showing himself to be painfully ignorant of how this vulgar, abusive slur feeds a climate of anti-gay hatred, intolerance and violence.

Rourke either needs to figure this out, or media needs to stop giving him a platform for promoting these kinds of slurs."
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