Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Harry Connick Jr. and the blackface controversy

Singer/actor, Harry Connick Jr. was asked to be a guest judge on the Aussie variety TV show Hey Hey It's Saturday and was shocked when a group of Jackson 5 impersonators, called the Jackson Jive, appeared on stage in complete blackface! Connick gave the group a zero rating for their performance and was booed by the audience, later, he gives everyone a good talking to about why blackface is so wrong. Believe it or not the group says it was meant to be a tribute to Michael Jackson! It reeks with racism from start to finish. On air, Connick says, "If I knew that was going to be a part of the show, I definitely wouldn't have done it." This incident has created controversy in Australia, especially on talk radio, where listeners feel that Connick was over-reacting!

Bravo to Harry for making a public stand against racist imagery!

Watch the video below.